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Meet our Experts

In Plug In Network you can find motivated personnel consist of qualified engineers, architects, wat-san expert with diverse educational history and practical construction experience inclusively design architecture, engineering, project management and project evaluation.


Our team members are selected and trained based on experience and is behaving with respect to any religion. State-of-the-art is foundation of our team works as well as the requirements of international donors i.e. FIDIC, EU regulations, British- and American standard.

We are committed to full fill client’s expectations and more through the competencies and professionalism of all team.In addition, we are indeed enthusiastic in dealing with our clients and strict to timeliness.

PIug In is using extensive engineering network as partners, who have been working worldwide and they have wide range of experiences in countries such as:

  • Asia; Afghanistan, Egypt, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nepal, Myanmar, Pakistan and Syria·

  • Europe; Liechtenstein, Germany, Spain Switzerland and Balkan States·

  • Central America; San Jose, Costa Rica; Netherlands Antilleans ·

  • Africa; Angola, Cairo, Egypt, Kigoma Moshi, Tanzania, Swaziland and Libya


Markus Sprenger


Projectmanager MSc

Wolfgang Schulte

Civil Engineering

Projectmanager MSc

Hansjörg Vogt

Civil Engineer

Projectmanager MSc

Mike Ten Wolde

Infrastructure Transport Logisics MSc

Roland Risch

Civil Engineer

Hamdy Gamal

Civil Engineer B.Sc.

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