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Plug In Technique and Consultation is an architectural and construction engineering consulting firm who provide profound analysis, knowledge, experiences and comprehensive solutions to the demands of their clients through their professional team.  

We value and respond to every individual, private investor, NGO, government agency, company and any other institution who require our support.

Get to know Plug In:

  • Specializes in the development, realignment in architecture and engineering; new and powerful yearnings in the planning, delivering implementation, control and enthusing for innovative building concepts and technical solutions.

  • Within PIugin, there is wide experience of project management in development and emergency contexts.

  • Represents their clients in all architectural, technical and management situations related to construction activities and enquiries. As a client representative, we address, act on behalf of and occasionally make decisions for our client. Our in-house disciplines are devising outstanding sustainable construction designs and producing valuable results and benefits for our clients. 

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  • Strives to carefully analyze unorthodox architectural / technical concepts by guar-anteeing precise details of planning / controlling, supervision and accomplishment of a project.

  • Specifically, Plug In is a modern intellectual engagement of humanity, environment and design.

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